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Nojan Arman

Web Developer

About Me

I'm Nojan, a 27 years old Web Developer. I fell in love with computer science as a teenager learning how to write QBasic and Visaul Basic programs, and eversince programming is been a part of my life. In the past 7 years I've focused my time on Web because of it's artistic and ever-changing nature. I love to write beautiful and expressive code that could inspire other programmers and also share the things that I learn with others. What I do is mostly Front-End Development, PHP and Wordpress Development and a bit of designing from time to time. I love to work with clients that appreciate the details and are looking for high quality hand-crafted code. Feel free to contact me if you're lookign to hire or have any questions about my work. Thanks for visiting my page

My Skills

Bars below show how much of my work is been focused on each skill and nothing more!

  • HTML5
  • CSS3, SASS
  • JavaScript, AnguarJS
  • Frameworks: Bootstrap, HTML5 Boilerplate, Foundation
  • jQuery
  • PHP/Laravel Framework
  • Wordpress
  • UI Design

My Tools

  • Sublime Text
  • SASS
  • Photoshop
  • Gulp
  • My Brain
  • Git

Get in touch

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